My happy place πŸŒΈ

My first “little love” that I wanted to share with you all is my garden. My happy place 🌸

After yoga this morning (don’t worry, a post will come soon on this!), with the sun shining through the studio windows, I felt so calm and energised at the same time. I left knowing I wanted to spend some time in among the flowers in my own wee garden.

I don’t think that there is anything more relaxing and therapeutic than just taking some time out with nature and allowing yourself to relax and quite literally smell the roses 🌹

When I was a little girl I used to always watch my Dad spend literally hours in the garden and I would always wonder how on earth is he still out there – is there still more to do?! Now as an official grown up with my own house and garden, I understand! There is always more to do and that’s exactly why I love it! Each day there is something different I spot, something new to focus on or some new wee plant budding. I love watching my garden grow right before my eyes and I just love the satisfaction of knowing that it was me who first planted that seed.

I’m by no means a Mrs Green Fingers as I always have to take my Dad with me on any plant shopping spree (ps plants are EXPENSIVE – my husband hates it when I say I’ve spent the morning at the garden centre!) but I love love LOVE learning about all the flowers, what to plant when and where, pretty wee pots to plant up (yes I am most definitely a girly girl!) and just discover something new about the pretty world around me. I always look forward to that time with my Dad as he shares his knowledge and stories with me over a cuppa in the coffee shop (if you aren’t from Northern Ireland, ALL garden centres have a coffee shop and so it’s essential to stop and have a scone and coffee, it would be rude not to?!). Family is everything and I love any opportunity that I get to sit and chat with Dad (minus football chat obviously!) and my advice to you all, take every little chance you get to spend quality time with the ones you love, even if just for a cuppa and bun as you just never know what life is going to throw at you.

Pretty pots ❀️
My wee daisy tree – always makes me smile ☺

But back to the garden!! So if there are any of you out there who thinks that you can’t grow things, think again!! You can! I promise its easy! Just get yourself down to your local garden centre and just ask someone for some advice, they are always super friendly. Pick a pretty pot, choose a colourful plant and then get home and just spend some time in your garden. Then sit back, relax and watch it grow. And if ever you have had a stressful day, things aren’t quite going to plan or you just need some ‘me time’ just take yourself outside with a cuppa and breathe in the roses for the best pick me up straight from nature ❀️

Allie smelling the “roses” (Well fuschia but hey, it’s pretty!)

Love to you all ❀️🌹

Laura xx

Ps if you head over to my Instagram have a look at my #s for my regular northern Ireland garden centre haunts!

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